Nasrullah Entezam Saltaneh (1900-1981) نصرالله انتظام

North Korean Aggression video in 1950

His memoir in Farsi: memoirs1, memoirs2, memoirs3, memoirs4, memoirs5, memoirs6

Life story in Farsi: Nasrullah

UN Publication commemorating hi Presidency of the UN General Assembly in Farsi: nassi

UN Bio in English:  Nasi_Un_Bio

2021 published Family history: خاندان انتظام وزیری خاندان انتظام وزیری

From Tolouie’s book on Prominent Iranians: nassi_Toolooie

Article in Rahavard in Farsi: nassi_Rahavard

Encyclopedia Iranica


ویکی پیدیا

Voice of America video on UN’s 65 on Nassi on Parsi

UN Speach in 1951

North Korean Aggression video in 1950

Diplomatic Passport Nassi_Diplomatic_Passport

John Foster Dulles letter Dulles letter to Entezam

With Ralph Bunche fiest African American Noble prize winner and negotiator of Isalei/Palestine issue 1950

UN Commemoration day in the Guilan province, Iran – 2016 UN In Iran

Video with Mossadegh when he arrived to the US in 1952 While the Ambassador to the US, with Mossadegh

Video accompanying His Imperial Majesty to his first session in the UN, circa 1949

Family History in Farsi شجره نامه

His Imperial Majesty’s Ambassadorial Orders to Paris, London and the US (In Persian):