Abdullah Entezam (1895-1983) عبدالله انتظام


The story goes that when Ayatollah Khomeini came to power, he specifically forbade the arrest and killing of three people. the first name on his wish list was Abdullah Entezam, not that he was shy to murder any opponent, but because Entezam was so much revered and respected that he feared his fragile coalition might be fractured in the stormy early days of the revolution.  The Shah also went to Entezam as his first choice for The position of the Prime Minster when the military government of General Azhari abruptly resigned in Nov of 1979. Such was the reputation and prestige of the man, who two opposing figures and two diametrically different regimes sought his council and respect.  Not since the death of Foroughi had anyone so much clout and influence on the Shah as an elder statemen. His stance on making sure Khomieni was not executed and rather exiled for his 1943 uprisings of Qom, was sure to have an effect on Khomeini’s thinking.

Abdullah Entezam Entezam (Entezam Saltaneh), was one of the most prolific politicians/diplomats of Iran’s 20th Century.  A diplomat of sterling reputation.  He was a close confidant of the His Majesty Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi.  His career spanned 5 decades in many Ambassadorial and cabinet positions, such as the Charge D’affaries in Berlin while Nazi’s were in power, later ambassador after WWII. Economic Attache with Ambassador Sardari (Persian Schindler} who moved the Iranian Embassy from Paris to Vichy.  Member of delegation to create the League of Nations.  Secretary of the Iranian legation to the US in the early 1920’s when Woodrow Wilson was in the white house. He became the most popular and effective Chairman of the National Iranian Oil Company in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Only to be sidelined by the Shah for his frank and direct remarks to the sovereign.  He was known to speak his mind freely with the monarch.   During the heyday of the 1979 revolution he was  asked by the Monarch to take the helm of he country by becoming the Prime Minister, which he refused.  But once more took over the helm of the National Iranian Oil Company and was successful in quieting the riots, restoring order.  Too little too late.  He was one of the 5 members of the Regency Council when the shah left the country.  Abdullah was of such good and reputation that even Khomeini did not fatwa his death as he did for hundreds of thousands of others.  Abdullah was among a group of politician who in 1962 urged the Shah not to kill Khomeini but to exile him.  That, in retrospect probably was his worst frank request of the monarch.

While in the US in the early 20’s he met and married his first wife, Mary Robinson Hume, daughter of the Mayor of Georgetown and grand daughter of the diplomat in Abraham Lincoln’s administration. They had two children Lily and Hume.  Hume went on to become the famous Arabists in the state Department.  Rising to become the Ambassador to the Saudi Arabia in the mid 1980’s.  Hume was nicknamed “Hume of Arabia” by his colleagues for his deep knowledge and respect he had in that part of the world.  His deep knowledge got him selected to become Paul “Jerry” Bremmer’s right hand man in rebuilding Iraq after the second Iraq war, in the provisional authority.

Abdullah was a freemason,  Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Iran,  a sufi and a Dervish.  He has left numerous articles and books on Sufism.


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