The Ghaffari Clan has served Persia (Iran) and her Imperial dynasties for 1400 of her 2500 years of glorious history.  Persia has been a contributor to human civilization via the Arts, Culture, Politics, Economics, Technology and Science, Religion and Human Rights. All of which The Ghaffaris have had a profound influence.  The last 43 years, the Ghaffaris have been quiet inside Iran, of course, because of the dark cloud of the Islamic menace gripping her. Outside, in the US and Europe however they are busy keeping Persia’s greatness alive until such time when the Islamic blemish is removed. This, can be accomplished either by an internal uprising or surgical military force exerted by the free world. Now the Chinese colonialization of Iran is the final proof that Islam is destroying Iran from within. 

The Ghaffaris owe an apology to the Iranian Nation. For the last 13 centuries, and in every Dynasty in between, they have used Abuzar’s name as a lever to climb to and hold power in many different capacities. Whether they intended or not, they helped keep the dark thought of Islamic Militarism and Terrorism, in power. It is time the good Iranian people divest themselves from Islam and all of its offshoots.



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  1. با توجه به این که بخشی برای تماس در وبسایت شما ندیدم، لاجرم همینجا پیام می گذارم.
    من تاریخ نگرم و علاقه مندم برای کتابی که در دست انتشار دارم، تصویری از امین الدوله منتشر کنم. برای این کار نیازمند به اجازه از صاحب کپی رایت تصویر دارم. لطفا با من تماس بگیرید تا در این مورد گفت و گو کنیم.


  2. Hello,
    I have previously left a comment here with the hope of getting permission to publish one of two of Aminoddowleh’s images in my forthcoming book with Routledge. I would appreciate it if you could kindly get back to me at 707 7063 627.
    من وحید وحدت هستم. پیشتر بابت کسب اجازه انتشار دو تصویر از امین الدوله مصدع شدم.
    اگر ممکن است از طریق ایمیل یا تلفن با من تماس بگیرد بلکه تصاویر کتاب مورد تایید خانواده محترم غفاری قرار بگیرد.


  3. Bonjour,
    je suis actuellement Maître de Conférences à l’Université de Toulouse en France. J’ai travaillé dans les années 1972-1975 au ICIC à Téhéran avec feu Mr. Abdol Ali GHAFFARI. Puis-je avoir des contacts avec ses enfants?
    Merci et bine Cordialement,


    1. Mr. Ghorbani. I am the son of the Late Ali Ghaffari and have created this site. thanks for leaving a note and visiting this site. In the hopes that one day we can return to our beloved Iran and build this broken country once again, as the likes of you and my father help build it into the country it was all those years ago.


  4. I had a TA in Astronomy Class at UNC years ago named Medhat Gaffari. I am still marveling at the many things he taught me many years later, This site was discovered quite by accident and I wanted to let you know personally that you have a lot to be proud of. Although I discovered that Medhat had died from a brain tumor about 8-10 years ago, you are his living legacy.

    Mike Mazarick


    1. Hi Mike. thanks for your kind words. though i don’t think i know Medhat (perhaps a misspelling). and have not heard of a family member who passed away from brain tumor. If he was a member of the Ghaffaris of Kashan then he was a member of the family. Nevertheless thank you for your email. keep in touch.


      1. In response to this thread, the correct name of the TA @UNC of the astronomy class is Mehdi Ghaffari and he is my father. Although my mother and her family are from Kashan, my Father and his family are from Gazvin later moving to Tehran. I was just googling myself and stumbled acress this site and randomly found the comment about my father. I did not know about the Ghaffari clan and their vast dynasty in Persia,this is quite amazing. Would anyone with this last name have ties to the Ghaffari Clan or would you have to be specificaly from Kashan? Thanks.


      2. Hello Marjan. there are a number of Ghaffari families in Iran, as you can imagine that last name due to connection to Abuza is quite popular. However if your ancestary is from Kashan, which sounds like your mother’s side were, then you are part of the “original” Ghaffari family. I have our lineage book published on the website. I have translated one branch to English. The rest are i Farsi, perhaps you can find your connection in that book. Be safe and thanks for contacting this website and your lineage.


  5. Hi!

    i would like to see the photo of Muhammad ibrahim Khan Ghaffari (the son of Farrukh Khan) and his second wife Nisa Khanum.


  6. Dear Mahmoud, I find your site by accident, I was wondering if my wife cousin, Navy General Sirous Ghaffari (during the Shah dynasty, glorious days) is related with your family history, do you have another website that I can take a look at it.
    Best wishes,
    Modji Shafaghi


  7. Hello I am trying to trace back some of my family members on my mother’s side. I know she is related to Ghaffari and Sheibani families of Kashan. Her mother Ghamar dokht Tabesh was related to Kamalol-Molk. He mother’s name was Jahan Khanom and her sister Shayesteh khanom. If any of you know of that side of the family it would be great to hear from you.


  8. Greetings,

    My ancestors were from Kashan and heavily involved in the political instability of the region during the late Qajar era. I am trying to understand Kashan and influential families better, specifically from 1890 to 1919.

    If anyone is free to chat about this, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to do history justice but do not read or speak Persian. I am currently working with historians and translators but would prefer to hear from the families themselves.

    Best regards


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